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First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks I love Terry Brooks. I love Scott Brick. I hate First King of Shannara.I've been going through the Shannara series in chronological order, starting with Running With the Demon. Brooks has captivated me with his characters like Nest Freemark and John Ross and Hawk. Prue and Pantera weren't too bad, either.I didn't connect with a single one of the characters in First King of Shannara. There seemed to be zero character development, the plot never seemed to change, and all this added to Scott Brick's over-dramatic reading left me exhausted. I couldn't wait to just get through the damn thing.The Knights of the Word and demons fascinate me. I'm sad to see them gone by this point in the series. (I'm hopeful they'll return!)All in all, I am a great fan of Brooks' works and of Scott Brick; however, FKoS fell well short of what I expected.